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All about me!

One of my favorite Baby poems

I said a special prayer today
to thank God above
for sending you to us,
a miracle of love.
I thanked Him for your little smiles,
for you precious baby sighs,
and for every trace of starlight
that twinkles
in your eyes.
I asked Him to watch over and protect you
all of your days,
and as you grow
to guide you
in His perfect
loving ways.

My professional background and family

I was born and raised in Tampa, Florida (on Gasparilla Day for those of you from there). I attended High School and Nursing School there, and knew right away I wanted to work with newborn babies. I did staff relief in the newborn nursery at several local hospitals as a Licensed Practical Nurse and during my third year as a nurse, I was awarded LPN of The Year by one of the nursing agencies I was working for! Shortly after, I fell in love with a law enforcement officer from South Florida, got engaged and moved to Miami! I guess most of us know how love can relocate us.

I continued to work for nursing agencies after moving to Miami, doing hospital staffing until finding a permanent position in the Newborn Nursery at Humana Hospital in South Broward. When Humana closed its doors several years later, I took a position at Baptist Hospital of Miami (also in the Newborn Nursery). I worked at Baptist for almost 8 years before taking a position at Mercy Hospital of Miami, in Labor & Delivery and Newborn Nursery. I worked at Mercy for 7 years before resigning from the hospitals to spend more time with my family. 

A part time position in a pediatricians office was perfect. Over the years, I have continued to work in the pediatric office with special emphasis on newborn babies and lactation education. My dream business started out by doing home visits for friends with newborns as a little side job 17 years ago!

I am a member of the Healthy Start Coalition of Miami, the International Lactation Consultation Association, La Leche League International and hold certifications in Basic Life Support, Neonatal Advanced Life Support, Childbirth Education, and most recently, Lactation Counselor. I am presently finishing up my Birth Doula certification, and have plans to enter the LPN to RN bridge program. It's never too late to stop leaning about the things you love to do!

My husband and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary in June (2013) and we have two incredible children, both in college; A daughter, 25, and a son, 21. My husband and I are now "empty nesters" and have moved to Key Largo, but I will continue to commute to the "mainland" for Baby Nurse, Birth Doula, and Lactation counseling jobs with loving families!

If you are looking for a big agency, with a lot of staff, commitments and down payments, then I may not be the perfect match for you. If however, you are looking for a personal experience with someone that will remember you and your baby, and treat you like family members, then give me a call, this is the kind of business I have.

License, certifications, and references can be emailed upon request. 
For privacy, they are not listed on this site.

I have always believed in the "Find What You Love" philosophy,
and encouraged my family & friends to go after their dreams,
(with open minds and hearts) no matter how big they were.
This was the inspiration for my lifelong dream...
A Baby Nurse,  LLC.

 I hope, that I will have the pleasure
of sharing my great love, and knowledge of babies
with you and your family
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