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If you're a little concerned about those first few days or weeks
at home with your newborn...

A Baby Nurse, LLC in Miami, can help make the transition from hospital to home
a wonderful experience. Pre-birth nursery set up is a wonderful thing for that extra piece of mind, before your baby comes, to make sure you have everything you need,(including those secret must haves)! As a Licensed Practical Nurse with 28 years of experience (20 in the newborn nursery), a Certified Childbirth Educator, and a Certified Lactation Counselor, I will assist, assure and educate you and your family, in Childbirth Education, newborn care, and breastfeeding support at your home, before/after baby's (or babies) arrival.

Maybe it's been a while, and you just need a refresher course, or maybe your spouse or support person does not have the luxury to take time off work! Whatever the case may be, I am happy to help. If the visit is planned after the baby arrives, I will demonstrate with your newborn; Bathing, cord care, diapering, circumcision care (if applicable), breastfeeding assessment, burping and positioning just to name a few. Parents, Grandparents, siblings and close friends will all gain confidence,
 feeling much more comfortable and relaxed when helping to care for the baby after their visit with
A Baby Nurse, LLC.
Let me take the stress out of what should be,
 the most joyous time of your life. 

                                                                           Denise Moreno, LPN,CCE,CLC 

  Alexandra's new baby brother Frankie !                                                                                                                           "Siblings"     

Siblings should always be a big part of this celebration of life
They are usually more than eager to help, and as long as good hand washing is used
 and no colds are present, the new addition to your family can be hugged, kissed
 and loved by all!  "Some words of advice",  for the younger Big Brothers/Sisters,
 you can not over emphasize enough; "You're such a good Big Sister/Brother"
                                                               and "The Baby loves you so much".


  Precious Baby,


There are so many wonderful things waiting for you.

  A Baby Nurse, LLC        

life is not measured
 by the number of breaths
 we take,
but by the number of moments
that take our
breath away.

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